Our Story

Established in 1986 in Egypt, San Simon quickly became the premier company in the Middle East for manufacturing wallpapers. Serving as the exclusive supplier for the ten largest retail chains in Egypt, our commitment to quality and innovation set us apart. Our reach extended beyond borders, with exports to over 20 Arab and African countries.

In 1997, driven by a passion for diversification, we expanded into consumer goods, specializing in gifts and event supplies, including Christmas products sourced from the Far East. This strategic move allowed us to capture a substantial share of the Egyptian market, establishing San Simon as the leading company for Christmas products, known for superior quality and unbeatable prices.

In 2013, we embarked on a new chapter, relocating to the United States of America to enter the U.S. market for importing and wholesale. Leveraging our expertise, we secured production lines from one of China’s largest manufacturers for paper  goods, enabling us to launch our own brand of premium paper products, including tissues and cups. San Simon’s offerings boast exceptional quality, maintaining a competitive edge against major retailers like Sam’s Club and Dollar Tree. Our commitment to excellence and affordability remains unwavering as we continue to redefine standards in the industry.

At San Simon, we proudly embrace the motto:

We’re not the only ones, but we’re the best.

This encapsulates our commitment to excellence and the unwavering belief in the superior quality of our products and service.

What we do for you?

At San Simon, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our expertise extends beyond our standard product line, as we specialize in facilitating special imports of various goods upon request. Whether you have unique product requirements or wish to explore new market opportunities, our team is dedicated to sourcing and delivering the best solutions for your business.

Additionally, we take pride in providing private labeling services for our products. This allows you to personalize and brand our high-quality goods with your own label, ensuring a distinct and exclusive identity for your business. Our commitment to excellence and flexibility in services sets us apart, making San Simon your trusted partner in achieving your business objectives.

What products does San Simon specialize in?
San Simon specializes in importing paper products, such as paper tissues and paper cups.

Do you offer private labeling services?
Absolutely. Although we are not a manufacturer, San Simon provides private labeling services, by utilizing our contracted production lines, allowing businesses to customize our products to meet their branding requirements.

What quality standards do your products meet?
Our products adhere to high-quality standards, and we source from reputable manufacturers. San Simon is committed to delivering products that meet or exceed industry standards.

Hour Of Operation



If you’re interested in employment opportunities at San Simon, please email us: careers@simon-wholesale.com

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